“I was amazed by what I learnt from the advice Jo gave me when she came to my house to help me save energy in my home. She had a tremendous amount of knowledge and expertise was extremely professional, catering to my every need. Her advice has certainly made me think about saving energy and looking after the planet without me compromising too much on keeping my home nice and warm.”

Bev Davy
Millhouses, Sheffield
(energy efficiency advice)

"Earthmine's service was quietly efficient and professional - excellent work. Jo did some research after her visit to answer questions that I had and that was very helpful."

Ms J. Binns
Fulwood, Sheffield

"I like Earthmine's personal service and flexibility. I'm a satisfied customer!"


"Earthmine’s advice was extremely useful, efficient and cost effective, resulting in a grant. The project would not have been possible without this consultation."

Glyn Harrison
Harrison Cameras, London Road, Sheffield
(Photovoltaic solar panels on shop roof)

“Earthmine gave me the incentive I needed to actually get on and do something. It gave me confidence.”

Mrs. Laughlin,
Crookes, Sheffield
(upgraded central heating controls)

"It was good to be able to get the appointment quickly and all correspondence was extremely efficient."

Fiona Griffin,
Crookes, Sheffield
(EPC and HIP)